12 Optimisation Strategies for Insurance PPC

The year 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for insurance marketing. To ensure your PPC campaigns deliver peak performance, here are 12 ways to optimise your marketing strategies to achieve the best results from your insurance PPC advertising.

Align and Reassess Client Objectives
The foundation of any successful PPC campaign is aligning with your client’s objectives. While revenue growth may have been the primary goal in the past, it’s crucial to reassess whether this is still the focus. Getting this right sets the stage for success.

Enable Google Ads Conversion Tracking
In today’s AI-driven world, accurate data tracking is paramount. Google Ads conversion tracking takes precedence over Google Analytics imported conversions due to its better integration, cross-device capabilities and advanced features.

Layer on Enhanced Conversions
Enhanced Conversions enhance the accuracy of Google Ads tracking by securely sending first-party conversion data, potentially increasing your conversion coverage by 15%.

Implement Consent Mode
With the phasing out of third-party cookies, Google’s Consent Mode helps recover lost conversions using consent signals.

Use Offline Conversion Tracking
For insurance lead generation, it’s essential to assign specific values to leads. Offline conversion tracking allows manual data imports or automatic integration to leverage value-based bidding strategies.

Configure Dynamic Remarketing Parameters
Optimising dynamic remarketing in Performance Max campaigns is often overlooked. Properly configuring your data sources and elements can significantly enhance campaign performance.

Optimise Ad Creative
While Responsive Search Ads (RSAs) are prominent, don’t neglect creative messaging. Use the Ad strength feature, pay attention to individual title and description performance and continue testing to stand out.

Embrace Broad Match
Broad match, combined with smart bidding, can effectively scale your campaigns. Start with phrase and exact match, then experiment with broad match once you have sufficient conversion data.

Run Campaign Experiments
A/B testing landing pages, bidding strategies, broad match variations and ad creatives through campaign experiments can yield valuable insights. We use Crazy Egg as a suitable alternative now that Google Optimise no longer exists. Beyond Clicks can help you with campaign experiments.

Test Asset Groups (for Performance Max Campaigns)
Create and test different asset groups targeting the same products to identify what works best before further segmentation.

Consolidate Campaigns
Simplify your campaign structure for more efficient smart bidding. With an expansive structure, it’s challenging to contain specific search terms, making consolidation a smarter choice.

Consider Running Microsoft Advertising Campaigns
Don’t overlook Microsoft Advertising, especially considering its competitive advantage in terms of lower CPCs due to less competition. Its growing popularity, thanks to its AI offerings, makes it a platform worth exploring.

These 12 strategies are our roadmap to a successful insurance PPC advertising campaign in 2024. Regularly reassessing your campaign’s performance and staying adaptable to new trends and technologies is crucial for long-term success in the insurance industry.

For more help creating a seamless marketing strategy for 2024, speak to our team today.

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