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Automated Asset Creation

13th February 2024|

Google has expanded its AI capabilities to fully automate asset creation for advertisers. This move holds significant promise for streamlining ad creation processes and improving campaign performance. However, it also necessitates a cautious approach to ensure accuracy and relevance in ad content. Understanding Automatically Created Assets Automatically created assets are a [...]

Crucial Privacy Updates for Google Advertisers

11th January 2024|

Privacy: Consent: Cookies: Privacy: Consent: Cookies! Stepping into 2024, consent and privacy is at the forefront of all things digital and there are 2 particular changes that will affect conversion tracking and remarketing audiences. If you are currently advertising online, you NEED to make these changes to prevent loss of conversion [...]

First Party Data

9th January 2024|

Utilising First Party Data Third party cookies may be on the way out, but advertisers are turning their attention to first-party data as an alternative. As an advertiser, there is no need to panic about this shift. First party data is not only compliant with privacy regulations but has the following [...]

Third Party Cookies: Understanding the 2024 Changes

8th January 2024|

Third Party Cookies Are Out Of Here! Online tracking has been a staple of the digital landscape for years and one of its key components has been the use of third-party cookies. However, leading browsers, including Google Chrome, are phasing out third-party cookies by early 2024. In this blog post, we'll [...]

12 Optimisation Strategies To Make 2024 The Best In Insurance PPC Advertising

6th November 2023|

12 Optimisation Strategies for Insurance PPC The year 2024 promises to be a pivotal year for insurance marketing. To ensure your PPC campaigns deliver peak performance, here are 12 ways to optimise your marketing strategies to achieve the best results from your insurance PPC advertising. Align and Reassess Client Objectives The [...]

Google Ads Turns 23!

2nd November 2023|

This month Google Ads turned 23! We can't believe it either! More so as that also means that Beyond Clicks have 23 years experience successfully hosting Google Ad campaigns on behalf of our clients! Google has undergone significant growth during this time. From improving functionality within the interface to launching new [...]

Demand Generation Campaigns: How They Will Transform Digital Advertising

18th October 2023|

What are Demand Generation Campaigns? Over 4 years ago, Google introduced Discovery ads. This move was made to engage consumers through visually appealing and immersive experiences. Building on this success, Google is now launching another groundbreaking solution – Demand Generation campaigns. Google's Demand Generation campaigns are a fusion of creativity and [...]

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