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  • It’s our mission to be at the cutting edge of new developments.

  • Just because something is ‘new’ it’s not necessarily worthwhile. We have the ability to assess whether this is right for your business.


  • Our clients want to track actions e.g. sales, sign up, applications etc.

  • We have the knowledge to be able to do this in the most efficient way through our unique expertise.


  • Live reporting showing all of the agreed actions against spend.

  • It doesn’t have to be complicated or convoluted. We provide a live dashboard for each client to effectively track metrics.


  • Regular communication between us & our clients is the key to success.

  • We need to get under the skin of your organisation & understand the intricacies to get the most from marketing spend.


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6 questions we always get asked

We have a proven track record of being cost neutral within 10 weeks, meaning our fee is counterbalanced by the increase in efficiency.

Digital marketing management is 15% of spend or £1000 per month whichever is greater.

All of our digital marketing services are included in this fee – proposals, campaign / ad creation, bid management, continuous optimisation, implementation of our ad tech, competitor analysis, A/B testing and live reporting.

We also offer a ‘go to market’ package, with prices starting from £1000 per month. User Journey / Aggregator journey optimisation. The price is by project, usually on a monthly basis.

Website creation is also bespoke, with prices starting from £2000.

We provide each client with a live report via web link. All the key metrics included and are bespoke by client based on goals and targets.

We are digital marketing experts. We understand the market and various products, across multiple sectors.

The starting point is our clients sharing some top-line data;

  • The products you are looking to promote
  • Identifying your target audience & competitors
  • The aim -what is your overall objective?

We will then assess your current customer journey, provide recommendations then once complete, we will build / deliver digital marketing campaigns to achieve your goals.

For the first 6 months we work on a rolling monthly agreement. After this period and if both parties are happy this moves to a 3 month rolling agreement.

We have several clients where products crossover, but they all have different footprints, business goals and targets. By having 15+ years’ experience with dozens of brands, we have the blueprint to improve any campaign and hit the ground running. This question is only asked at the first initial conversation. Once a client starts to engage with us and see we are truly passionate about what we can achieve for their business, our specific sector experience is seen as positive not a negative. The alternative is to use an agency or marketing team without the live cross section of industry knowledge / benchmarks available to them.

Our job is to deliver against our clients’ key performance indicators. All our client information is completely confidential and our focus is always achieving the best results for each one.

The short answer is you can do it yourself. In the same way a broker can build their own quote software, provide their own finance to customers, establish their own capacity for underwriting all business – however, some things are better outsourced to experts who solely focus on this. By having a huge depth of knowledge, data and experience we know what success looks like – this is also a moving target depending on market conditions. We have invested heavily in the right team and building our bespoke technology to ensure we can do it better than anyone else.

We work with marketing teams from 2 people to 25+ – as cliché as it sounds, we really do work together rather than instead of and this is what generates the best possible results.


What our clients have to say

The Team at Beyond Clicks have provided a 1st class service to our business for many years. I would thoroughly recommend their service.

MATTHEW COLLETT, Marketing Director, Grove & Dean

Continually impressed… Beyond Clicks have been a breath of fresh air for our business. Steve and the team have a fantastic knowledge of the PPC arena and have delivered results from Day 1 which has taken the business onto the next level, whilst at the same time, giving us an identity as a broker. The Create a Call technology they can offer in order to help increase contact rates of any online lead is second to none, which again has benefited our business in contacting said leads.

DAVE BENNETT, Managing Director, Ace insurance

Academy and Beyond Clicks have worked together for many years and we have always been happy with the service and advice received. We would recommend them and the products they offer.

ANDY BARTON, Manager, Academy Insurance

Beyond Clicks delivered 55% more volume at a 28% reduction in cost per enquiry within 9 weeks of management. Having used several agencies our challenge has always previously been delivering meaningful volume at a competitive cost per sale. Due to their level of insurance marketing knowledge and their ability to deliver results they are now our chosen partner for Swinton, Carole Nash and Autonet.

GARY EGGLETON, Marketing Director, Atlanta Group

Having worked with Pete and the team at Beyond Clicks for some time now, we would not hesitate to recommend them. Pete is attentive, helpful, and extremely prompt in responding to queries. We really couldn’t ask for more. Beyond Clicks have helped us establish a strong and profitable online presence through Google AdWords and they continue to impress us with their services.

RICHARD THOMSON, Manager, Peart Insurance

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