Lead Generation Forms

It’s one thing getting people to click on your ads, but quite another getting someone to convert on your webpage.


A click is wasted money without a conversion. Within the insurance industry, a conversion is a call or a form completion, therefore it is important marketers know how to optimise ads with Lead Gen Form extensions.


An extension is an additional segment of your ad which gives it more dominance in the search. The extension appears larger on the users screen which is more attractive to the eye therefore helping to increase Click-Through-Rate.


The Lead Gen Form extension is a great way to increase conversions as it reduces user journey time and directs the ad click straight to a lead form. This makes the conversion quick, simple and easy to find.


Lead Gen Form extensions can be customised. There are over fifty available questions provided by Google to customise forms. By hand selecting the questions and answer options, advertisers decide what information they require from the conversion. This could include contact details, a call-back time, their name and demographics eg: age, gender and area of work.


A Question you are all probably asking is “how can I see the answers from the people who have converted?”


This is simple. Setting up a webhook integration allows users to send filled lead forms into a custom relationship management system (CRM). It is then possible to view the data the extensions have collected.


At Beyond Clicks, we recommend using Zapier to set up email and message alerts. When a new lead is generated, this allows advertisers to respond quickly and appropriately.


Google allows these extensions to be used across all Google platforms including Google Search, YouTube and Google Discovery. This extension is therefore extremely accessible and user-friendly no matter what you are advertising, even if it isn’t insurance.


In addition to Google, Facebook offers a similar option called Lead Form ads. Similarly, this proposition allows users to define their own questions and answers and is also compatible with Zapier.


For more information on Lead Gen Forms, please contact us.