How Can Facebook Advertising Help Insurance Brokers?


Boasting around 2.89 billion users globally as of 2021, Facebook advertising is by far the largest social media platform out there.

In the UK, 3 out of 4 individuals use Facebook, creating an opportunity for any size businesses to get themselves in front of prospective customers.

Facebook Advertising allows advertisers to choose the desired outcome:

  • Lead generation
  • Website traffic
  • Conversions

You can then reach customers based on your demographics, behaviour, interests and other variables.

The more detailed your audience targeting is, the more likely you are to reach your desired group of people.

For instance, here’s an example of a Facebook advert you might have seen on your feed:


Facebook Advertising Example


It is vital to include an eye-catching image, short yet effective choice of wording, and a clear Call-To-Action ‘Learn More’.

Adverts like this persuade tens of thousands of individuals every single day to purchase a product or a service online.

Facebook has become a one-stop-shop for businesses wanting to ignite the public’s desire for their products or services. In return, companies acquire customers before they even consider looking for that specific product or service on Google.

Thankfully for Insurance brokers, the same route applies.

Insurance interest has a pool of 400 million users which is great news for Insurance Brokers:

Yes, 400 million individuals across the globe are interested in insurance or pages related to it.

More importantly, over 20 million of those individuals are based in the UK, making Facebook advertising a no-brainer platform to use when looking to acquire new insurance clients.

So, how do we get in front of those 20 million users? By taking the first steps of targeting UK and ‘Insurance’ as an interest:


Facebook Advertising - Targeting Insurance Brokers


Depending on your campaign objective, size of other targeting options and budget, Facebook will place your adverts in front of as many people as possible.

Selling vehicle insurance? Add that as a targeting option to appear in feeds of individuals that have expressed interest in one of the topics.

Want to discover individuals that have shown interest in both? Choose the option of narrowing down your audience and select vehicle insurance.

Considering almost 1 in 3 people in the UK have expressed interest in insurance or pages related to it, why not knock on their Facebook feed and introduce your brand to them? By combining interests, demographic options and behaviours, insurance brokers can locate individuals through Facebook before they’ve even looked online.


Facebook Advertising Lead Generation Campaigns


What’s the most cost and time effective way to generate leads for your insurance business? It depends.

  • How well does your landing page convert?
  • How does your website compare with your competition?
  • What’s the bounce rate?

All these factors play a significant role in determining the best way to generate leads using Facebook ads. Eventually, it all comes down to testing the options you have at hand.

To counter any issues related to people ‘dropping off’ when using external forms on your company website, Facebook advertising offers On-Facebook forms.

This lead generation method allows advertisers to create a replica of your landing page form. The main pros of this approach are that it enables users to stay on the platform they trust, while simultaneously offering an auto-fill option. For more information about Facebook lead generation click here.

Okay, we’ve overcome the user ‘drop off’ problem by utilising Facebook’s own forms. Now one of the main concerns that most agencies and insurance companies will face is generating those leads out of work hours.

Most people use Facebook before or after work, making the 9-5 window a slower-paced stage of the day. Yes, you will generate leads during those hours, but a huge influx will follow once those prospective customers finish work and relax with their phones in hand.

After accumulating decades of experience in the insurance sector, we’ve decided to tackle this issue head-on and created ‘Create a Call’.

Create a Call is a software that literally creates a call between the generated lead and your team in a matter of seconds. This allows you or your sales team members to simply pick up the phone and speak to the lead generated with no work on your side.

You may think: how does that solve the out of hours issue?

Let’s say you generated a lead at 8PM.

That person will not be expecting to receive a call at that time of the day. Instead, you set the working hours for Create a Call. The system would contact the lead when the sales team start work the following morning.

In addition, the software has a 3-call attempt option. If the lead doesn’t pick up on the first attempt, another 2 calls would be made. For example, you can set it to call instantly, 1 minute and then 1 hour + later. This ensures we connect you to the lead on the following day, despite us generating it the day before.

Find out more about Create a Call here


Closing thoughts

When utilised accurately, Facebook advertising can be an extremely powerful tool for insurance brokers looking to generate new leads.

Offering an array of targeting options, ability to remarket website visitors and many other ways of reaching a potential customer, Facebook has established itself as one of the most effective advertising platforms for any size business.

Want to get your brand out on Facebook but feel unsure where to start? Get in touch with us at or simply give us a call on 01277 424924.

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