This month Google Ads turned 23!

We can’t believe it either! More so as that also means that Beyond Clicks have 23 years experience successfully hosting Google Ad campaigns on behalf of our clients!

Google has undergone significant growth during this time. From improving functionality within the interface to launching new targeting options to expand reach for advertisers, it has been an ongoing learning and development process.

To cover off the key events during this time frame, we have put together a timeline as a summary.

But let’s not overlook the major enhancements in 2023. AI has ruled the roost so far this year and looks set for further growth.


This years Google marketing live announced multiple changes including;

  • 2 new campaign types: video views and demand gen
  • Merchant center next replaces merchant center
  • Google product studio integrates AI generated images for ads
  • Automatic AI powered assets to target search queries more effectively
  • Performance Max receives an AI injection to create images and text assets
  • Search Generative Experience incorporates search & shopping ads
  • Discovery ads have now been replaced by demand gen. Demand gen combines image and video ads to drive conversions and will be rolled out across the entire Google network.

Here’s a run down of additional significant changes over the years:


23 Years Of Google Ads


If you would like more information on how the 2023 changes will impact your digital advertising campaigns on the Google network, get in touch with our team at beyond clicks. We will help sharpen up your 2024 marketing strategy.

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