What are Demand Generation Campaigns?

Over 4 years ago, Google introduced Discovery ads. This move was made to engage consumers through visually appealing and immersive experiences. Building on this success, Google is now launching another groundbreaking solution – Demand Generation campaigns.

Google’s Demand Generation campaigns are a fusion of creativity and AI-powered technology. By leveraging AI to stimulate demand across the Google and YouTube platforms, demand generation should help drive conversions, website visits and call to actions across multiple touchpoints. These include YouTube, Discover and Gmail.

Advertisers that have existing Discovery campaigns will automatically upgrade to Demand Generation once you have enrolled in beta.

Key Features of Demand Generation Campaigns:

Ad Formats & A/B Testing:
Whether it’s carousels, videos, square or portrait images, you have the freedom to create story telling content across various formats. This diversity allows you to ensure you are gaining maximum engagement from your audience. We would then advise running A/B experiments on this creative to determine the best performing executions.


Advertisers have a multitude of bidding options available with Demand Gen campaigns. These include conversion or value-based bidding and maximise clicks. These options can be applied based on individual campaign goals.


Demand Gen provides reporting insights to help advertisers understand the impact of their campaigns and their brands visibility across the Google network. These will include brand lift and search lift metrics for YouTube for both image and video ads.


Use First Party Data To Expand Reach:
As part of the demand generation campaigns, advertisers can reach more customers through use of lookalike segments. Users will be able to upload their first party data which will then be paired with Google’s audience intent & interest signals. Using first party data means you can target people ‘similar’ to those who have already engaged with your brand resulting in wider reach across the Google network.

Predicted time scales for Demand Generation launch:  (these are subject to change)


Demand Gen Rollout

source. Google

Google’s Demand Gen campaigns present insurance brokers with a unique opportunity to transform their advertising strategies. By capitalising on the power of Demand Gen, insurance advertisers can elevate their reach, engagement and conversion rates and effectively reach their target audience.

For more information on how to use Demand Gen, Get in touch with Beyond Clicks today.

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