Expanding Audiences for Remarketing

We all know the main reason we use Google Ads is to get conversions online and there are many ways of maximizing conversions, 1 of these being remarketing.


When running an advertising campaign, it’s important to retarget prospects who did not convert on the landing page after clicking on the ad.


A great way to practice remarketing is by creating a new campaign for the service/product being advertised. You can then create audiences and refine them by their actions. However, you only want to refine your targeting to those who have shown interest in converting.


The ads created within the campaign will follow the prospect around the Google and Google partner platforms for example YouTube. These ads can be shown in a variety of ways including Display (image), Video or Text.


The original user who clicked on the advert and left the page without converting should definitely be retargeted first. This will likely be the audience who maintain the highest conversion rate.


If these users do not convert, it is important to analyse your landing page to make sure the user journey is simple and the call to action is clear. This could be a ‘Call Us’ button, ‘Request a quote’, ‘Download’ button or form but it is crucial that your landing page is easily accessible as this will increase your overall conversion rate.


If you are searching for new customers, ‘Similar Audiences’ is a fantastic solution. This option allows you to target people who haven’t visited your page yet by reaching them via competitor websites or comparison sites.


Do not exclude these people from your targeting as they have shown interest in related products and have visited similar pages which shows intent to buy.


Using Call-To-Actions or incentives will separate you from the competition and maximise your targeting ability. This could be a 10% offer or ‘Free Online Quotes’ in your ad content.


Providing an incentive will encourage the conversion.  It is important to ensure the Call-To-Action is shown on the landing page whether it is an offer or a quote form needing to be filled out. A call to action is essentially an instruction to the viewer, so it is imperative that the journey to the end service/product is as smooth as possible.


Our top tip is to make sure the landing page is clear and simple to navigate which will encourage the best results from your remarketing campaign.


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Thanks, The Beyond Team