Facebook Advertising: Why Maintaining A Consistent Budget Could Save You Money


When digital advertising first launched, advertisers relished the opportunity of pausing and re enabling Facebook advertising campaigns. They loved the control capabilities these new changes presented.


However, did you know that pausing your Facebook advertising campaigns can produce negative results for your business? This is especially true when paused multiple times each week or within a given month.


Here’s a list of 5 main things to consider when debating the need for consistency in Facebook advertising spend:


Ad delivery

Campaigns that are frequently paused can lead to a poor ad delivery. When initially setting up a Facebook Advertising campaign, the campaign can be slow to gain traction whilst your audience populates. By stopping and starting your campaigns, you essentially throw Facebook into ‘re education mode’ as previous data may no longer be available so your campaign could take a few days to pick back up once it is enabled.

Essentially, each time you turn your campaign back on, Facebook must find new audiences to advertise to, skewing the previous ad delivery. 

Spike in cost

When turning your ads back on, you can expect to see a spike in cost-per-result. Having to re-distribute your ads to a fresh audience on Facebook can lead to initial spend going up before stabilising in the long-term.

Inconsistent results

Having campaigns that run consistently for weeks often leads to continuous decrease in cost-per-result. If you’re generating clients at a low cost, that temporary pause can have negative repercussions on your results.


Seeing what works & what doesn’t presents you with the opportunity to better the performance of your ads. Unfortunately, this cannot be achieved if your ads don’t exit the learning phase. A/B testing is such a huge part of digital marketing so this is an especially important component to consider when tying to make savings on your ad spend.



Over a period of time, Facebook ads can improve, reducing your cost-per-result. Campaign optimisation is carried out effectively when ads run continuously, while pausing ads can complicate that or even ruin it.


Alternatives to consider when pausing your Facebook Advertising Campaigns:


Adjust Budget –

Reducing your budget will still allow your campaign to run, gather data and potentially continue generating leads and sales for your business.


Ad Schedule Tool –

Altering your ad schedule will decrease spend levels without pausing campaigns all together.


To discover options for pausing/reenabling campaigns, find out more here


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