It’s no secret that having an attractive social presence enables businesses to become more visible online. Whether it’s posting about your new insurance deals or simply sharing a picture of your team day out, being active on platforms such as Facebook & Instagram will typically benefit your business.

The question then arises if it’s enough to simply post organically and expect brilliant results? The short answer is no. That is because the number of generic business accounts on such platforms is just far too high to be noticed organically with just consistent posting or using good captions. That’s where paid social advertising comes in with a helping hand!

Introducing an allocated spend monthly and targeting potential customers that might have never heard of you can lead to exceptional results. From increasing your visibility online to shouting about your latest insurance promotion, all of that can be seen by significantly more people by simply introducing some spend.

Before spending money on advertising through Facebook, Instagram, and other social mediums, make sure you understand what the best approach is. Whether it’s optimising campaigns for lead generation or simply driving traffic to your new website – understanding how the process works is key.



Understanding how Facebook advertising works


Small-to-medium brokers tend to fall into a pit of unknown when approaching paid social advertising. The knowledge about advertising on such platforms is usually not there, yet there’s not enough time in the day to run a business and learn the technical & analytical aspects of paid advertising.

Having that bottleneck can easily push away a heap of business from the idea of utilising Facebook & Instagram as an advantage. The issue is that no one knows how close they are to their own ‘gold mine’.

Sometimes, advertising on socials might be that last bit of wall to knock down before multiple clients start flooding in and quotes just keep on coming.


Social Spend Growth




Improving your business and removing bottlenecks


Now you may be thinking: how does one reap the rewards of paid social advertising without putting much time into it?

That’s where Beyond Clicks come into play. We are digital marketing specialists that continuously develop our knowledge in this field, investing client spend each month to successfully generate leads, quotes, and sales.

By taking that next step and reaching out to a digital marketing agency, you enter a new pool of potential customers through paid social advertising and save yourself the headache of wanting to expand but not knowing how.


Who to trust with your own money?


How much a client spends is probably one of the best indicators as to how good a digital marketing agency is. More money spent tends to equal more testing, which leads to an agency knowing what works for a specific product or a service and what doesn’t.

At Beyond Clicks, we have been working with insurance brokers for over 20 years. Our agency has spent tens of millions of pounds on Google advertising over the years, helping hundreds of clients to acquire new customers. Before 2021, we  worked with a select few clients on their Facebook & Instagram advertising, learning, and deepening our skillset in those specific channels and how to generate the best results for the insurance industry.

Due to the results being achieved we added new members to the team, giving us the capacity to offer Facebook & Instagram advertising services across our client base. Taking on more and more clients as the weeks went by, we continued applying our knowledge and delivering the best results to our capabilities.

In the last 5 months, we managed to successfully grow our client social advertising activity by 560% – all through continued successful results.

We know how effective paid social advertising can be for insurance brokers and believe it to be one of the most cost-effective options for businesses to start advertising online.


The decision is in your hands

When used effectively, Facebook & Instagram allows insurance brokers to generate high quality leads and quotes at a low cost, all while building your online presence and constantly being seen by potential customers.

Interested in testing out how successful paid social advertising can be for your business? Get in touch with us at or simply give us a call on 01277 424924. Team at Beyond Clicks are happy to help!

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