Increasing click to enquiry rate is a common goal for insurance brokers. At Beyond Clicks, we don’t simply focus on PPC Management, we adopt a full Digital Marketing strategy with this objective in mind.


We launch a full search account assessment on multiple aspects. We analyse client landing pages, websites, customer journey and of course look at best practice when utilising any form of digital marketing.


One of the key stages of account management is to continually learn and develop. Google Optimize allows us to test and deliver better customer experiences which will increase web click to action rates and in turn, enquiries.


It is one thing to propose recommendations but by A/B testing using tools such as Google Optimize we can demonstrate in real time how these recommendations will impact performance.


We recently carried out a number of landing page A/B tests using Google Optimize on our very own FCA registered lead gen brand ‘Compare Quotes’.


Google Optimize enables us to test variants of websites against specific objectives. We can then monitor the results of the test to conclude which variant was the most successful in meeting this objective(s).


How does A/B Testing Increases Click To Enquiry Rate? 


We all know the importance of having a functioning, well presented, professional website however there is so much more involved with content and layout than simple aesthetics. To drive conversions, the user journey needs to be quick, simple and easy to navigate.


Running A/B landing page tests via Google Optimize allows you to determine, in real time how users react to various options including;


  • Different layouts
  • Aesthetics
  • Wording of call to actions


These are just a few of the variants we can introduce to make a huge difference to your website all with the aim of increasing click to action rates. Incremental increases can have a huge effect on campaign results, so having the ability to test this prior to launching is invaluable.


We can however apply these changes at any point throughout a campaign and run comparisons over selected time periods to see how these changes impact performance.


Case Study:


Objective: Increase Click to Enquiry Rates & reduce CPE.

Campaign Length: One Month


We wanted to improve our click to enquiry rates on mobile devices, the main reason being the majority of traffic received was via mobile for the products we are live for.


We ran a ‘B’ page variation on mobile where we moved some elements and amended the layout. This was enabled on 4 different product campaigns targeting 100% of mobile for paid search traffic.


Increase Click To Enquiry Rate     Increase Click To Enquiry Rate


Changes Made: 


  • Reduced the length of the introduction paragraph.
  • Moved the form above the fold, rather than a button.
  • Changed the ‘call us now’ button to orange to increase the prominence.





  • Mobile Cost per enquiry (CPE) reduced by 54%
  • Mobile click to enquiry Rate increased 161%


The insights this test provided have been invaluable but we won’t stop there. Once this campaign has run for a period of time we will then look to retest other elements to ensure we are performing to the best of our capabilities.


Do you test your landing pages/website? We can set this up on your behalf and increase your click to enquiry rate. Our dedicated team can analyse your site and make suggestions to ensure you are getting the most from your website and in turn, your PPC campaigns.


Get in touch with the team today. Call us on 01277 424 924


On average we increase the efficiency of existing PPC campaigns by 28% in the first 3 months of management. In addition to this we have successfully launched dozens of brokers into the world of PPC.




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