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Stepping into 2024, consent and privacy is at the forefront of all things digital and there are 2 particular changes that will affect conversion tracking and remarketing audiences.

If you are currently advertising online, you NEED to make these changes to prevent loss of conversion and audience data.

Key Changes:

Phasing Out 3rd Party Cookies: This will impact conversion tracking and audience data. Firefox and Safari have already made this transition so don’t delay.

Remarketing Audience Updates: As of 6th March 2024, it will not be possible to create new remarketing audiences. Plus, your existing audiences will no longer populate either.

To retain your conversion/audience data, you need to integrate the following solutions:


1. Enable Enhanced Conversions: 

  • If you are using lead forms to capture customer data, you can utilise enhanced conversions providing your conversion source is your website and not GA4.
  • This method will track users in the same way as those who have previously opted out of third party cookies. providing they are logged into a Google account.
  • How is this compliant? Google will hash the (previously consented) data provided during the conversion process.

2. Consent Mode Version 2:

  • Adhering to Consent Mode Version 2 is crucial if you’re using Google Ads in 2024.
  • Consent Mode ensures advertisers are compliant with GDPR when using Google services including GA4, Google Tag Manager and Google Ads.

Consent Mode Version 2 connects your website’s cookie banner with Google Ads. When a user opts in, it tracks conversions as usual, passing user data for ad personalisation and remarketing. If a user opts out, it disables conversion tracking but uses machine learning to estimate the likelihood of the person converting without actively tracking it.


How do I implement Consent Mode?

You need to integrate the cookie banner along with consent from a CMP (consent managing platform) that meets with Google standards and GDPR. Example CMP’s include: Jotform, OneTrust, Consentric, Cookiebot.

Note: If you’re integrating consent mode tracking via your website, you can do so via Google Tag Manager.

Remember, conversion data & first party audiences (customer match & remarketing) will be lost if you don’t have consent mode v2 activated by 6th March 2024.

Embracing privacy-centric solutions becomes not just a compliance requirement but also an opportunity to enhance user trust and engagement.


If you need assistance implementing any of these changes, @beyondclicks can help.

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