This week YouTube has announced new creative enhancements for YouTube Shorts.

  1. Split screen formatting
  2. Added stickers and effects to create more innovative content
  3. Live streaming to reach new audiences
  4. Remixed content to help inspire content creators
  5. Organise content by saving playlists
  6. Amend existing videos in horizontal/landscape format


YouTube Shorts


These new features are designed to expand innovation and creativity, making Shorts easier to create, edit, share & organise.


Split Screen Formatting – Collab

YouTube have announced split screen formatting which means creators can add existing content into new Shorts. This feature will first be introduced on iOS, closely followed by Android and will create even more freedom for creators sharing videos.




Additional stickers & Effects

Boosting interaction with audiences by using a question box. Users now have more creative options available at their finger tips to create attention grabbing, original content.


YouTube Shorts Stickers & Effects



Live Streaming

Optimised for mobile devices, vertical live streaming will help advertisers grow their audiences & connect across wider elements of YouTube.


YouTube Live Streaming




Creation Suggestions: Encouraging Inspiration

Creators can now collate audio and effects from Shorts similar to the ‘save audio’ function in Instragram reels. This allows users to use on trend audio or use their own.


YouTube Creation Suggestions




Build Personal Inspiration: Saving Shorts to Playlists

Do you use the ‘like’ ‘save’ buttons on Instagram? Well YouTube Shorts now has capabilities to save liked videos to playlists directly from your Shorts feed.

By liking videos, creators can easily reference saved content as a catalogue of inspiration to create new content.


YouTube Playlists



Amend existing videos in horizontal/landscape format to shorts

This is probably our favourite of the new features. The fact that YouTube Shorts allows you to create your own content without the need for creative agencies is already a huge cost saver but now you can even use existing video content within your Shorts! This is incredible!

Users can now turn landscape/horizontal videos into Shorts as well as cropping/splitting and reframing longer videos to save time whilst creating more engaging content.

If you have brand videos that were previously deemed too lengthy, this is no longer the case. You can now take snapshots of the content to create a short with ease.



These updates are super exciting and allow more flexibility for creators to individualise their videos in a much easier way. We can’t wait to experiment with the new features.


For more information, feel free to contact our team.

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