PPC Campaign Management: 3 Important Changes


The landscape of search marketing has undergone rapid changes in the past year & this evolution shows no signs of slowing down. As we look ahead to the next two years, it becomes evident that automation & AI will continue to play a pivotal role in reshaping the PPC industry.

Here are 3 potential ways in which PPC campaign management could change in the near future:

1. Broad Match Takes Center Stage:

In recent times, both Google & Microsoft have shown a clear preference for broad match & this trend is likely to intensify.

The modifications made to phrase & exact match have already shifted the focus from total control to a more diverse range of queries matching advertisers’ targeted terms. However, the transition to broad match might raise concerns among advertisers who value control over their search queries.

While exact match might survive this consolidation process, other match types may not be so fortunate. It is plausible that within the next 12 months, Google will announce the retirement of another match type, possibly phrase match.


2. Blended Campaigns for Enhanced Performance:

Performance Max has been a hot topic in the PPC industry since its introduction in 2021.

Despite initial hesitance among search marketers due to limited data and insights, Google remains dedicated to improving its capabilities & offering advertisers more control.

Data-driven attribution (DDA) has been a critical development in this direction. DDA analyses historical data to determine credit for conversions & is key to unlocking the potential of Performance Max.

As DDA gains prominence, we will likely witness the consolidation of channels across the Google ecosystem. Blended campaigns such as lead gen campaigns & video view campaigns are already being introduced to cover the entire buyer’s journey.

These blended campaigns coupled with data-driven attribution are ushering in a new era of more intelligent & effective advertising strategies.


3. Auto-Applied Recommendations Become Standard:

Advertisers currently receive auto-generated optimisation ideas which they can choose to activate or dismiss.

In April 2021, Google Ads introduced auto-apply recommendations enabling advertisers to automatically implement recommendations without manual review. Though some advertisers remain wary of relinquishing control to automation, Google continues to invest in & promote auto apply recommendations. It is conceivable that AAR will eventually be integrated into the core automation feature set of Google Ads, with some elements possibly becoming mandatory.



The future of PPC campaign management appears to be heavily influenced by automation and AI. Broad match is likely to become the dominant match type, while blended campaigns, powered by data-driven attribution, will offer advertisers better control & performance. Additionally, auto-applied recommendations may become a standard practice, reshaping the dynamics of paid search.

As the integration of automation & AI technologies continues to progress, the future of PPC campaigns is sure to be dynamic & transformative. Advertisers will need to adapt to these changes proactively to stay ahead in the ever-evolving digital marketing landscape.


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