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Insurance Pay Per Click

What is it?

Insurance Pay Per Click is a method of promoting your insurance products & services via major search engines.

Search engines such as Google & Bing allow consumers to search for an insurance product, service or brand & matches them with listings that fit their needs based on the terms they are searching for.

In short, your ads only show up when a user searches for your product.

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Insurance Pay Per Click

Benefits For Insurance Brokers

Beyond Clicks are here to utilise our compounded knowledge of Insurance Pay Per Click to save your business time, resource & money.

It’s true that it can be time consuming to set up & effectively manage your Insurance Pay Per Click campaigns. Added to this is the fact that the insurance industry is extremely competitive & complex.

We use pay per click advertising to generate high converting leads for insurance brokers.

Top Targeting Advice for Insurance Brokers:

Carefully consider the product/service you are offering. What phrases do you think the consumer will use?

Be mindful that using generic phrases such as ‘car insurance’ will eat into your budget considerably as these terms are broad.

  • It’s true this term will deliver a lot of traffic but is this traffic relevant? Could you be more targeted? This would increase the opportunity of converting that search into a sale.
  • It is your responsibility to ensure the user journey is seamless. The user needs to find the answer as quickly as possible. This prevents them from abandoning the search.


Beyond Clicks talk the Insurance language & understand your requirements as an insurance broker. We can get the most from your marketing budgets.

Key Benefits of Insurance Pay Per Click:

Control over budgets – you set your budget & control your bids.

Control over targeting – we focus on your best converting footprint by utilising the various targeting options available.

Stop start – pause & restart your activity whenever you choose. Perfect for generating insurance leads during your office hours or reacting to busy/quiet periods.

  • We optimise your budget to appear at the top of the page – organic (free) search can take months & years to bump your brand up the ranks. With Insurance pay per click, we will get you there faster.
  • It is Accountable – real time reporting – track website actions effectively whether it be calls, form completions, sales or online quotes.
  • Best of all, you only pay when a user clicks on your ad.

Best Ad Format

How Does your brand Stand Out Against Other Insurance Brokers?

The answer is simple. Make it as easy as possible for the user to connect with your brand.

Consider all the targeted phrases surrounding your product and group them together. This allows you to use keywords, create ads and format your landing pages so they really speak to your target audience and give them what they’ve asked for.

Relevance is key.

We are often asked ‘Does It Cost A Lot Of Money? Will It Exhaust My Budget?’

With insurance PPC, you only pay when an engaged user clicks on your ad – so we ensure your ads stand out & are relevant.

Our clients control how much they spend – set your daily budget to a figure you’re comfortable with & work within your budget constraints.

Insurance pay per click allows brokers of all sizes to compete. You don’t need the large budgets of large brokers or aggregators to advertise on Google & Microsoft.

Google & Microsoft ads can overspend advertisers budgets by up to two times your average daily budget. At Beyond Clicks, we have built a platform that interacts with Google & Microsoft Ads API. This notifies us every time a campaign hits budget & automatically pauses the campaign and re-enables it when it is next due to be live. This means you won’t overspend & we can highlight any opportunities for additional spend.

Some keywords will cost more but have higher volume. This is no bad thing. But be smarter & more specific about your insurance product offerings.

Consider using image extensions to create standout against competitors

Insurance Pay Per Click is essential for your insurance brand & whilst we hope this has helped with some pointers on how to achieve the best results, if it seems overwhelming, we can manage it for you!

Our 95% client retention rate & Google Premier Partner status proves that we are more than capable of managing your insurance pay per click & driving results directly to your insurance business.